The company was founded in 1989 in Elefsina, within Athens Industrial Zone, mainly supplying Shell lubricants and chemicals.

Significant market share was soon obtained, especially in Industry sector.
On the way, more items have been added, to serve industry and vehicles, such as filters for oil - air - fuel, batteries, bearings, and also professional cleaning products of Henkel.

Principally, the company is dedicated to provide prompt and reliable service to our customers, as well as global guiding in some activity which is not - usually - their core business.
In other words, we don't just sell products, we mainly provide lubrication management and usage of our goods!

To do this, we have exploited to the best our long experience, as well as expert knowledge, being in close contact with the technical advisors of our collaborating multinational groups (Shell, Henkel, MANN etc).

Recently the company came on to produce and distribute "lampoil", an alternative fuel for wick lamps. We make and sell the best product, really odourless - smokeless - slow burning, so that every wick lamp, beyond its decorative purpose, may also function as an air freshener.

Nowadays the company make annual turnover near 1.5 million euro, enrich knowledge, renew equipment as well as methods and functions and is staffed by a powerful ten-member team, devoted to the global, responsible service of the customers/partners - our ambition is always to provide the optimum cover of their needs!